Poinciana Passion

poinciana-1 poincianaMy husband wandered off this morning to watch two silos being dismantled on the other side of the paddock beside our apartment (he used to be in the construction industry and loves watching how construction takes place here in North Cyprus compared with practices back in Australia).

He brought me back a flower from a poinciana tree close to here and I tried two background versions – one on white paper, one on dark brown wood.

Poincianas always remind me of Queensland, Australia, as we never saw them in Western Australia, the climate was too dry. But after we’d moved to Queensland in 1994 and were travelling in the train from Ipswich to Brisbane in the spring, we’d see bright blotches of trees on the way in, ranging from deep red to orange.

We found out these were poincianas and, when we finally bought a home halfway up a mountain, we’d look out on the vista below and see the bright red/orange blobs of colour when the poincianas were blooming. They are fairly low growing but have a large canopy which looks absolutely wonderful when the tree is in flower.

Here’s a pic of a tree in bloom:


3 thoughts on “Poinciana Passion

    1. They really are beautiful, Irene, and the range of colours is amazing too – deep red to bright orange. They’re not really a backyard tree as they spread so much but they look awesome in spring. The interesting thing is they’re flowering here in autumn, must be the way seasons are changing here and moving earlier in the year perhaps.

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