Playtime – Having Fun

Today I played around with new art apps I’ve installed in my new tablet. I’ve had a bit of a difficult time, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but hopefully things are calming down now which is why I decided to take time out, switch off and just have FUN.

This is my first foray into electronic gear apart from my computer and I’ve been having the time of my life trying out new apps and playing with the ones I really like.

My favourites are Zen Brush,  Magic Fluids, Flowpaper,  Magic Art and Prisma.  They’re all quite different but so much fun to use. Zen Brush is very calming and very earth-connecting. Magic Fluids drips colour all over your screen. Magic Art is my favourite as you can create lovely images while listen to beautiful, calming music. I love Flowpaper where you can create dreamy images using the menu which is very easy to understand. And Prisma I love because it offers a range of overlays based on different art forms. So you can have an image which is quite different if, for example, you use an overlay of The Scream.

Below are images I’ve been playing with today, letting go of stress and dancing around in my second childhood:

expansion-1 fish-in-seaweed kindness light-connections mondrian red-for-life urban-light

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