Colours of Light Healing

Colours of Light Healing

I was prompted to create this image after reading some posts on Facebook about depression. My first bout with the Black Dog came in my first year at university in 1966 and from then on I’d have bouts of depression from time to time when I felt like I had fog in my head and my feet in quicksand.

I remember one particular time of my life where I dressed entirely in black, from head to toe. I could have auditioned for Godzilla and aced it!

After I’d trained in Reiki 1 and 2, I suddenly realised that wearing black was depressing in itself and also didn’t perform its function which was to make me look slim. Instead, I looked like a fat woman trying to look slim by wearing black and failing spectacularly.

After this insight, and after I’d worked on issues of self-confidence and self-esteem (something seriously lacking in my after my father’s lifelong bullying, although I hid it well), I bought a lovely dress, cotton in multi-colours. I called it my “Ken Done” dress after the Australian artist who specialised in bright colours.

To my amazement, not only did I cheer up, but people started approaching and talking to me, telling how much they liked the bright colours and  exchanging various views out of the blue. Since then I’ve been fascinated by colours – they are so influential in our lives at a conscious and unconscious level.

So the above image represents various levels in our awareness of colour – the emotional responses; the influence of the wider environment; the moon for our subconscious awareness of colour; blue for communication and turquoise for communication with love; and finally the stars for our resonance with the colours of the universe.

The tree represents our potential for new growth and transformation as we move out of darkness and into the colours of light with their qualities of healing and awareness.

15 thoughts on “Colours of Light Healing

  1. Good post Mo and I really like your picture 🙂
    I think, that we involve a lot through having depression.
    Through some time I have thought about learning about Reiki for serious, but difficult here, when I still fight with the language. Do you have any good ideas about, what is possible?


    1. Yes, depression taught me a great deal about myself and self-healing. If you’re interested in Reiki, I looked up courses in Spain and found this one which has quite reasonable fees: I don’t know where you live but perhaps you could find something near where you live that teaches in English. Personally I’d say you already do healing work through the jewellery you create, sometimes it’s easy to forget that you have healing powers in other ways other than Reiki. Hope this helps! 😀

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      1. Thank you Mo, also for your help. Yes, I do work with gemstones and meditation daily, I just feel that something more is needed.
        I will check the website and see. Not much is going on here in English, almost all are in Spanish.


  2. Very Good post dear, i love this one… well On some time I have pondered finding out about Reiki for genuine, yet troublesome here, when despite everything I battle with the dialect. Benefit you have in any way thoughts regarding, what is conceivable?


    1. My only suggestion would be to do an internet search for a teacher who would be suitable for you. But beware those who try to charge high prices for Reiki. Look for someone with reasonable rates and, most of all, who attracts you through their energies.


  3. Yes, I’m far more aware of colours now, Otto, although I’ve learned to temper my comments. I did mention once how I hate beige in clothing, only to notice that one of the women in the group I was teaching was wearing beige!


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