Crystal Mandala: Honeybee Sweetness

Honeybee SweetnessThere’s been such a lot of unpleasant news lately that I felt drawn to create a crystal mandala to radiate the power of the honeybee: sweetness, hope, patience, nurturing, new life, creativity, power of family and friendship.  It’s also to remind us that there are heaps more good, kind, friendly, helpful people in our communities who far out-number the destructive few.

In this mandala are: orange glass focal stone to represent creativity, joy and lightness of spirit; either side orange candles for the same as the focal stone; towards the back is a Bushman’s Quartz, one of the first crystals I won on eBay which represents grounding and patience; on both sides are two polished Astronomite pieces from the Kimberley region of Western Australia – they remind us of the stars above and the starstuff in our hearts and souls; the two natural quartz wands represent the fusion of male/female: creative/logical parts of ourselves which take us to our highest selves when we work with our energies united; the two flat quartz slices disperse negative energy; the tumbled citrine stones represent the wealth of creativity present within us and the abundance we feel when we open our hearts to love, community and generosity; in the centre is small dish with a black honeybee in the centre surrounded by peridot crystals to remind us of the sun radiating within us to feed our creativity and self-confidence; in the centre is a sphere of ruby for energy, passion and inspiration. Radiating out are two pale amethyst points for spiritual sustenance; in front of them are blue lace agate chips for serenity and inner peace; and at the front is a polished piece of magenta glass which is the union of red and purple, practical and spiritual aspects of ourselves merged for higher spiritual purposes.

Tomorrow I’ll be creating a post about mandalas and their purpose.

  Beee like a bee:

float like Muhammed Ali

in generosity, courage and persistence.

Taste sweetness

in your own good time

as you feed from the nectar of

love, kindness and caring.

This is the honeybee which inspired today’s mandala and this post: we found it on our window sill, sadly dead, but beautiful in its deep indigo colour on its wings and yellow colour on its back.

Black Honeybee





7 thoughts on “Crystal Mandala: Honeybee Sweetness

  1. Ah Mo, what a sweet gift this is today…thank you..think I’ll copy you and create another mandala for this part of the planet….love and hugs


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