Isis – Queen of the Nile

Isis - Queen of the NileIt’s ironic that the destructive, violent morons who call themselves Isis in the Middle East  in fact adopted the name of one of the most powerful goddesses in history. In their misogyny it hasn’t even occurred to them that they are bowing down before a goddess who is infinitely more powerful than the passing, transient death cult they represent.

Isis is the goddess of life, creation and rebirth, medicine, teaching and wisdom, as opposed to the destructive elements in what Middle Eastern nations more commonly is called Daesh.

So let us reclaim the power of the Great Goddess Isis for ourselves, for all those who feel in their bones, their breath, their hearts and their souls the ancient powers of the Goddess of the Nile and know that we embody the elements of true power and renewal – as water goddess, as earth goddess, as corn goddess, as star goddess, as healer and as teacher of wisdom.


6 thoughts on “Isis – Queen of the Nile

  1. Part of me is very irritated that much of the media continue to use ISIS to represent Daesh. But part of me finds it highly amusing that they are ironically using the name of pagan Goddess they should despise.

    The Goddess Isis represents everything that Daesh and the demon (and I don’t mean the Muslim God) they worship. But in a few years, Daesh will wither and die and it’s existence will be synonymous with absolute evil. The good name of Isis will live on.


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