Crystal Mandala: Conflict Resolution

Conflict ResolutionWe (my husband and I) have been in a difficult situation with other people which has been quite draining and stressful for us. So today I felt drawn to create a crystal mandala for conflict resolution.

At the very back of the table is a large piece of sea quartz with a lepidolite inclusion. My daughter found it on a farm she was visiting when we were living in North-East Scotland in 2003.  It represents the link of love between us which is why I included it to send out rays of loving energies.  On one side of the rock is my collection of feathers – to represent birds sending out the communication of conflict resolution. On the other side is a small vase of dried sage for the clearing of stagnant energies.

In front of the sea quartz is a statue of a monk, another gift from my daughter, which we – my  husband and I – consider extends peace and blessings. On one side of the statue is a small figure of an angel for angelic support. On the other is a small statue of Isis, goddess of rebirth and creation (new relations). In front of these are two pieces of amethyst for spiritual input.

Either side of the table are round satin spar spheres, a wedding present for us, representing clearing of stagnant energies and our unity in the face of the challenges were facing.

In the centre of the mandala is my Dow crystal which I mentioned in my previous post – a beacon of light and healing. Either side of this crystal is a wand of purple jasper, which provides sustenance at times of stress.  On the other side is a wand of copper tubing with clear quartz chips inside and a Herkimer diamond at each end, to focus the energies of healing and reconciliation into our surroundings.

There are three amethyst rocks for spiritual guidance and then at the front a pink danburite for healing and letting go of stress and tension.

Whether conflict resolution is possible or not is debatable. Hopefully this mandala will help with healing, letting go of stress and tension, and an easing of difficult relations.

So mote it be.

4 thoughts on “Crystal Mandala: Conflict Resolution

    1. I call it a “crystal mandala” because it’s in a circle and because, I suppose, mandalas have been such a huge inspiration to me, they were the very things I drew as an adult. I guess you can call them grids too but grids aren’t necessarily in a circle. I’ll do a post explaining them shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

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