Light of the Fae

Light of the Fae

I dithered about posting this image for a long while as I simply didn’t get a really appropriate description. Then I returned to  PicMonkey, added in some illumination and a frame, and voila!  the name popped up straight away: “Light of the Fae”.

The light radiates from a photo I took of a Dow clear quartz crystal in my rock collection. The name “Dow” was given to this type of crystal by Katrina Raphaell, a pioneer in crystal healing, in honour of her friend JaneAnn Dow, another pioneer of crystal healing.

The crystal has a termination of 3 x 7 sides with 3 triangles in between.  Three is considered a number of the Trinity, mind/body/spirit, divinity, optimism, fun. Seven is inner wisdom, rebirth, contemplation.

When you then start adding the numbers in the Dow faces, you get 3 x 3 = 9, which relates to humanitarianism, communication, tolerance, wisdom. If you add the 3 x 7-sided faces together, you get 21= 2 + 1 = 3. If you then add all the faces together you get 30 which is 3 + 0 = 3.

My Dow crystal is quite amazing to work with – powerful, graceful, healing, centring. Which is why I felt drawn to superimpose it over the green image, representing the power and light of the Fae emerging from the eddies of cosmic energy empowered by the presence of ancient forests.

This is the photo of my Dow crystal:

Dow crystal 1




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