Dance with StarSong!

Dance with Starsong

I’ve been playing around with PicMonkey again, having read a couple of their blog posts on what’s available in their various gizmo offerings, where I found out how to illuminate fonts, as above. Great fun!

I used the phrase “Dance with StarSong” because I always remember the mystic and explorer, Laurence van der Post, writing about his experiences with the Kalahari Bushmen. He was out camping with them one night when they asked him if he could hear the stars singing. He replied in the negative, so they took him away from the camp into a silence space, then asked him again if he could hear star song. Again he said no, and their response was a shocked silence, then pity for him that he could not hear this wonderful music.

Well, I don’t know too many among us Westerners who can hear that song aloud, but I reckon we can hear it in our hearts and when we do, then we can dance with the song of the stars.

Have fun!

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