Creativity & Abundance Crystal Mandala

Today I felt drawn to create a new mandala to support my art and writing:

Creativity Mandala

This is more complex than my first mandala, the stones I worked with were all grounding and manifestation stones, I also worked with numerology, and I added in butterfly and heart charms for transformation and love imbued in my work.

The stones were: witches finger quartz (one of my favourite quartz stones); 2 x ochre (Australian rocks from Coochiemudlo Island); hematite heart; Libyan desert glass; pietersite; 2 x garnets (one raw, one polished); tube agates; pipestone; tumbled hematite, clear quartz and citrine; Schoharie County NY concretion; rattling moon geode; dreamweaver concretion.

The numerology went as follows:

  • 7 tumbled hematite between each outer crystal for spiritual connection (number) and grounding and practicality (hematite);
  • 8  (discipline/wealth) x 7 tumbled hematite = 56 = 11 = master number for intuition & healing
  • 3 x tumbled citrine radiating out: spiritual prosperity
  • 12 citrines in total = 1 + 2 =  3 spiritual prosperity multiplied
  • 3 tumbled clear quartz radiating out – clarity and spiritual inspiration
  • 3 x 12 spokes of tumbled clear quartz radiating out =  36 = 9 = humanitarian, service to humanity, compassion, tolerance.

The numbers 3 and 9 predominate in my numerology chart, by the way, which is why those numbers are reflected in my creativity mandala.

I find it interesting creating these mandalas as I get called by specific stones, then get inspired to add tumbled stones in meaningful numbers, and finally I got the inspiration to add the butterfly and heart charms.

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