Ancestral Healing Crystal Mandala

Last week I took part in a photo course which asked us to photograph various images over a seven-day period. We were asked to create a mandala, which I did working with crystals, and I’ve been inspired to continue creating crystal mandalas on the round table which was hanging around spare in our home.  This is the first mandala, for Ancestral Healing:Table mandalaThe materials I worked with were: witches finger quartz; chysocolla; pink danburite; pink calcite; 2 x growth interference crystals; double-terminated elestial amethyst; Himalayan rose quartz; sea urchin shell; fossilised whale inner ear bone, tumbled rose quartz and amazonite.

This was a mandala for ancestral healing – for returning to time immemorial, sending healing along ancestral songlines, and extending that healing into infinity.

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