Dances with Elementals

Dances with Elements

I’ve been reading a really interesting book called “Summer with the Leprechauns” by Talis Helliwell and was inspired to create this piece of digital art. When I look at certain scenes, it’s as if the elemental beings present talk to me at an unseen level and that’s what happened when I was creating “Dances with Elementals”.

I’m sure for many the jury is out as to whether elementals exist or not. But I remember my husband telling me that his workmate used to work in South Africa and one day came home to the work camp to find another worker packed with his suitcase waiting to leave. When he was asked why he was leaving, he said he’d heard the banshee and knew one of his family has died. Sure as eggs, as he was waiting the telegram arrived to tell him of the loss of a family member.

Just as a bit of light relief, an Irish crane driver started on my husband’s building site in Perth, Western Australia, and had just climbed up to his cabin when a hideous cackling broke out. The driver shot out of his cabin and down the ladder like greased lightning. When he got to the bottom he was yelling that a banshee was about.  The other workers took great delight in telling him to look up, see the bird perched on his cabin and be informed that the yelling was the kookaburra laughing its head off. Just like the workers when they saw the embarrassment on the crane driver’s face!

8 thoughts on “Dances with Elementals

  1. I’ll certainly be adding the book to my reading list Mo – although truthfully with the length of the list now it’ll probably be 2020 before I get to it. 2020?! Isn’t that extraordinary just to think about?! In any case, I do of course, trust in the existence of Elementals. Amusing story about the kookaburra banshee – that poor man!


    1. The same thing happened to me, Deborah – on my way to my first job in Australia, at 6am in the morning with empty streets, I suddenly heard a loud cackling noise and thought i was going to be attacked by a maniac. I swung round, not a person in sight, then the cackling started again, I saw a movement and realised it was a kookaburra perched on the top of a telegraph pole. Welcome to Australia!


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