I created this with the “Mirror” gizmo in PicMonkey plus a few other adjustments.

When I’ve finished working with a piece of digital art, I sit and wait to hear the title, and for this it was “Benediction”, as if the stars and the waters of Planet Earth were combining to pour healing waters towards us as we struggle to cope with the challenging situations arising around the world at present.

The message from the water elementals is simply: “Be calm. Be confident. Be aware. Go with the Flow. Release. Forgive.”

Dance with StarSong!

Dance with Starsong

I’ve been playing around with PicMonkey again, having read a couple of their blog posts on what’s available in their various gizmo offerings, where I found out how to illuminate fonts, as above. Great fun!

I used the phrase “Dance with StarSong” because I always remember the mystic and explorer, Laurence van der Post, writing about his experiences with the Kalahari Bushmen. He was out camping with them one night when they asked him if he could hear the stars singing. He replied in the negative, so they took him away from the camp into a silence space, then asked him again if he could hear star song. Again he said no, and their response was a shocked silence, then pity for him that he could not hear this wonderful music.

Well, I don’t know too many among us Westerners who can hear that song aloud, but I reckon we can hear it in our hearts and when we do, then we can dance with the song of the stars.

Have fun!

Cathedral of Light

Cathedral of the Trees

Sometimes you can fiddle for ages with a photo until it feels right. The above image, on the other hand, emerged with only a bit of playing around with the gizmos on PicMonkey.  To me it represents a Cathedral of Light, a gift to humanity from the tree elementals which were part of the original image of an avenue of trees.

Creativity & Abundance Crystal Mandala

Today I felt drawn to create a new mandala to support my art and writing:

Creativity Mandala

This is more complex than my first mandala, the stones I worked with were all grounding and manifestation stones, I also worked with numerology, and I added in butterfly and heart charms for transformation and love imbued in my work.

The stones were: witches finger quartz (one of my favourite quartz stones); 2 x ochre (Australian rocks from Coochiemudlo Island); hematite heart; Libyan desert glass; pietersite; 2 x garnets (one raw, one polished); tube agates; pipestone; tumbled hematite, clear quartz and citrine; Schoharie County NY concretion; rattling moon geode; dreamweaver concretion.

The numerology went as follows:

  • 7 tumbled hematite between each outer crystal for spiritual connection (number) and grounding and practicality (hematite);
  • 8  (discipline/wealth) x 7 tumbled hematite = 56 = 11 = master number for intuition & healing
  • 3 x tumbled citrine radiating out: spiritual prosperity
  • 12 citrines in total = 1 + 2 =  3 spiritual prosperity multiplied
  • 3 tumbled clear quartz radiating out – clarity and spiritual inspiration
  • 3 x 12 spokes of tumbled clear quartz radiating out =  36 = 9 = humanitarian, service to humanity, compassion, tolerance.

The numbers 3 and 9 predominate in my numerology chart, by the way, which is why those numbers are reflected in my creativity mandala.

I find it interesting creating these mandalas as I get called by specific stones, then get inspired to add tumbled stones in meaningful numbers, and finally I got the inspiration to add the butterfly and heart charms.

Ancestral Healing Crystal Mandala

Last week I took part in a photo course which asked us to photograph various images over a seven-day period. We were asked to create a mandala, which I did working with crystals, and I’ve been inspired to continue creating crystal mandalas on the round table which was hanging around spare in our home.  This is the first mandala, for Ancestral Healing:Table mandalaThe materials I worked with were: witches finger quartz; chysocolla; pink danburite; pink calcite; 2 x growth interference crystals; double-terminated elestial amethyst; Himalayan rose quartz; sea urchin shell; fossilised whale inner ear bone, tumbled rose quartz and amazonite.

This was a mandala for ancestral healing – for returning to time immemorial, sending healing along ancestral songlines, and extending that healing into infinity.

Fine Art America: art products for sale

All art on my Fine Art America website is now available as: prints; canvas prints; metal prints; posters; pillowcases; tote bags; iphone covers; round towels; beach towels; throw pillow; duvet cover; shower curtain; purses.

.Fine Art America – Mo Davies

Shine On!

Grandfather tree spirit

I was scrolling down for a photo to work on when a picture – of a 1500-year-old tree – popped up of its own accord, so I figured I was meant to work on it.

Here is the Grandfather Tree’s Elemental Spirit glowing bright, telling us all to “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond”!

(And of course, I can’t resist Pink Floyd!)