The Hanged Man: Love Finds a Way

Within, Without You

It’s tempting to rush in and make comments about the current ruckus in the UK over Brexit/Remain in the European Union but this image to me embodies what is really a complicated, murky situation with no clear direction emerging at present.

This piece of digital art reminded me of The Hanged Man – seeing the world from a different perspective, looking at a topsy-turvy world but with the power of love radiating out through the murk, anger and confusion surrounding the whole situation.

As the murdered MP, Jo Cox said: “We are far more united and have far more things in common with each other, than the things which divide us.”

So let’s remember love for each other, that we are all human beings trying to survive in what can seem a cold, unfeeling world.  We can be the voice for love, for doing things in a different way, for building a future putting people first and unfettered from the chains of profit before people.

United in love we stand, divided in hate we fall.


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