Treasures Within


I moved my office space around yesterday, shifting everything back into my front room so that I’m only using the one air conditioner in the heatwave affecting Cyprus at present (40C until the weekend). And in the process I managed to drop the Pyrite sphere I bought recently with parts of it broken off.

At first I was devastated, but when I picked it up, I could see such beautiful colours within which couldn’t be seen before.  I decided that I really love this new version of my pyrite sphere but, even more, it reminded me that we have so many multi-coloured, multi-talented treasures within each of us.  So – on this day of a Full Moon on the Summer Solstice – perhaps you might take the time to value the treasures within you and release them  into the world because it’ll make the world a much better place for all of us.

And as you release your treasures, perhaps you could take the time to realise that within each person – regardless of creed, colour or sexuality – there are also other unique treasures which can be greeted soul to soul, spirit to spirit, person to person.

So that in small ways we can build love not hate and honour what unites us rather than divides us.

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