Blessings & Blossoms

Creative Play 11

This is another piece of work I’ve created in the Creative Play workshop I’m doing on-line.

I was really, really drawn to use a piece of digital art I created a while back, photos of three doors in Alsancak, an old village where I live, superimposed over each other (mind, body, spirit). Then I opened a post from a friend, Deborah Weber, Temenos of the Blessing Light, with the words from Rumi and knew I had to use them in the picture.

I was going to just use the pic and words, but then I saw the image of an ancient statue in the National Museum of The Republic of Tuva on the Facebook page of my friend and wonderful artist, Ажыкмаа Ажыкмаа. She has a close connection with the Tuvan culture and was happy for me to use her photo. I felt that this figure stands as a prescient force to advise that new doors are opening, with new challenges and, if you choose to step through those doors, this figure will accompany you as a protective force.

What I’ve found with this course is that it’s opened spiritual doors for me, to re-connect with the Divinity which is my guiding light in creating art. I’ve actually had a bit of a break from creating digital art as I felt it was getting mechanical, but the above image reflects the fact that my connection with the Divine has been recharged.

At the same time, I’ve had the opportunity to pass on a couple of messages from the world of Spirit to a couple of people, as if my mediumship has opened up again too.  I’m not a trained medium but I do occasionally get messages from those in different dimensions: I get a sort of electrical buzzing in my right ear, the world around me fades away and noises recede, and then I get words as I’m clairaudient. Over the years, I’ve learned to use the precise words I hear as they always have a particular meaning for the recipient of these messages.



4 thoughts on “Blessings & Blossoms

  1. I love that you’re feeling revitalized and that new doors are opening Mo! That ancient figure is incredible. That and your doorways feel like perfect indicators of the powerful transformations and energy available now. Lovely!


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