Sanctuary Space

Sanctuary coffee table Sanctuary table - round table

Done some rearranging – the square table in my writing room now sits under my printer, and the round, glass table is now another sanctuary table in my writing room. It now holds all my concretions – for some reason I absolutely love concretions and it’s good to have them all gathered together.

And above it is the sanctuary space I created in my living room, on the coffee table beside my sofa. The roses are from our Apothecary’s Rose bush. Each morning I pick a word from a motivational word set I acquired right at the start of my journey into the metaphysical world, right back in 1993, and a Tarot card from Rachel Pollack’s Shining Tribe Tarot. In this instance it was The Empress.

9 thoughts on “Sanctuary Space

  1. PS I meant to add, in response to your ‘Howl Often’ card, that I have a card given by a friend and an Eckankar devotee, which reads, Sing ‘Hu’. It is supposed to resonate on some
    spiritual level. (Sorry about the vaguenes). I recommend singing ‘Hu’ however as, if nothing else, it certainly clears the sinuses! P S I howl often and for long periods of time! 🙂


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