We are the Fire!

Inner Queen

I was talking in an earlier post about a Tarot-type reader (she used Indian cards) who told me I had a Queen within. Frankly, at that stage in my life, I thought she was barking mad as I didn’t have a lot of self-esteem or self-confidence in myself.

I remember being at a dinner around that time too with four lovely women, all a normal size, all very intelligent who spent the whole damned dinner talking about weight, diets and one in particular taking potshots at Fat Mo.

Looking back I now think what a waste of energy for four gifted women to spend a dinner discussing weight when they were all normal-sized women and, ultimately, disempowering themselves.

And so often I hear comments about “Oh, I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet”.  Or “Oh no, that’s fattening” or “There are ……. calories in this dish”. Or, god forbid: “What diet are you on?”.

Puh-leez!  What a complete and utter waste of women’s lives, we are worth so much more.

So if you catch up with me any time in person or on-line, please note that:

I don’t allow talk of diets to muddy my mouth.

I will not allow the word “calories” to blight my life.

I will love and eat food to nurture myself.

My summer body is the same as my winter body and it’s done fine supporting me for nearly 68 years. I think the dictates of fashion are a heap of old cobblers. I can wear whatever clothes or swimsuits I damned well want. My hair is purple because I happen to like purple, but I might change my mind one day and dye it bright red. Or whatever. My choice, nobody else’s. Because I’m a powerful woman.

I want sane, intelligent conversation from other women in their power who recognise they too have an Inner Queen who disdains anything which holds women back from being the greatest they can be.

So: Do not damned well play little.

You owe yourself more.

Embrace your Inner Queen and show your majesty to the world.

Because when we throw away limiting beliefs, there is nothing we can not do!

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