Baubo the Bawdy & Brazen


BauboThis is a digital version of  an acrylic painting I created back in Australia, before moving to North Cyprus, of Baubo, a lesser known and rather mysterious goddess who appears in the story of Demeter searching for her daughter, Persephone, after Hades – god of the Underworld – had kidnapped the young woman.

According to the myth, after searching the Earth and finding no sign of Persephone, Demeter retreated to a cave to mourn, while the Earth died around her due to her lack of love and care.

Baubo appeared to the grieving Demeter and brought her back to life with laughter – according to legend, Baubo flashed her boobs and vulva at Demeter and caused her to start laughing and return to the world of the living.

So, as with your Inner Queen, let out your Inner Baubo.  Be:













Above all:

ignore the strictures

about what women are supposed to say, be and do.

Don’t conform.

Stay out of that square box and

have enormous fun as the round peg

kicking her heels, turning somersaults and

laughing her head off along the road less travelled!



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