Zultanite Pendant – the Queen Within

Zultanite pendant, rutilated 1

Today I have a new pendant – Zultanite. I had just opened up Facebook on Thursday when my friend, Dawn Buyukertas, posted pics of crystals she’d bought in her recent visit to Istanbul. One stood out for me and I put my moniker on it straight away – a lovely Zultanite pendant, a rare stone from the Ilbir Mountains in the Milas county of Muğla in south-western Turkey. It’s surrounded by marcasite.

This crystal is famous for its ability to change colour, but that’s mainly the most expensive pieces. It looks as if the stone in this pendant also has inclusions of rutile but I’m also not sure if this is the internal colour of Zultanite in this pendant. This stone contains traces of iron, chromium, titanium and manganese, and while it’s believed that manganese is responsible for its color changing ability, the other trace elements present may also play a role.

Years ago I had a Tarot-type reading with a reader at the Fremantle markets south of Perth, Western Australia. At the time I was in turmoil and going through a lot of change. She looked at me and said: “You have a queen within you”. Then she asked if I had a question and I remember asking her the most inane question and she rolled her eyes! So yes, this pendant reminds me of my queen within. She’s been shaking her shoulders recently, having a stretch and getting ready for some action!

Zultanite pendant, rutilated
This is another view of the Zultanite pendant, it’s rather hard to get the shading and colours of this stone in focus.

5 thoughts on “Zultanite Pendant – the Queen Within

  1. gorgeous – we all need to access our queen within!

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  2. Wow! That is the most awesome stone I’ve seen in a while. There’s some consolation for me in that you’re feeling pushed and pulled around by your queen lately as well….if I read this correctly……I figured by this age I’d be pretty well set in my quest to be a wild, old crone….but it looks as if there’s more to come…….Thinking of you a lot lately actually….take care of you…lots of hugs and love….oh I’m back on facebook after years away…


    1. I’ll be honest – I’ve had some considerable time out, Harolyn, just felt i wasn’t sure what I was doing and where I’m headed, but this stone has helped me get clear of the indecision and more certain about where I want to head. Glad to hear from you – we wildish crones need to hang out together. Just tracked you down on FB, good to see your face again and I’ve sent you a friend request. If you like, I’ll contact Lucy, Susie an d Dottie for you, they’ll be delighted to see your re-appearance. Much love and huge, huge hugs, Mo xxx


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