The Hanged Man: Love Finds a Way

Within, Without You

It’s tempting to rush in and make comments about the current ruckus in the UK over Brexit/Remain in the European Union but this image to me embodies what is really a complicated, murky situation with no clear direction emerging at present.

This piece of digital art reminded me of The Hanged Man – seeing the world from a different perspective, looking at a topsy-turvy world but with the power of love radiating out through the murk, anger and confusion surrounding the whole situation.

As the murdered MP, Jo Cox said: “We are far more united and have far more things in common with each other, than the things which divide us.”

So let’s remember love for each other, that we are all human beings trying to survive in what can seem a cold, unfeeling world.  We can be the voice for love, for doing things in a different way, for building a future putting people first and unfettered from the chains of profit before people.

United in love we stand, divided in hate we fall.


Treasures Within


I moved my office space around yesterday, shifting everything back into my front room so that I’m only using the one air conditioner in the heatwave affecting Cyprus at present (40C until the weekend). And in the process I managed to drop the Pyrite sphere I bought recently with parts of it broken off.

At first I was devastated, but when I picked it up, I could see such beautiful colours within which couldn’t be seen before.  I decided that I really love this new version of my pyrite sphere but, even more, it reminded me that we have so many multi-coloured, multi-talented treasures within each of us.  So – on this day of a Full Moon on the Summer Solstice – perhaps you might take the time to value the treasures within you and release them  into the world because it’ll make the world a much better place for all of us.

And as you release your treasures, perhaps you could take the time to realise that within each person – regardless of creed, colour or sexuality – there are also other unique treasures which can be greeted soul to soul, spirit to spirit, person to person.

So that in small ways we can build love not hate and honour what unites us rather than divides us.

Tribute to Jo Cox, Slain British MP

Creative Play 13

Today we wound up our Creative Play course with a collage which I dedicated to Jo Cox, the slain UK politician. She was inspirational, dedicated to helping people and bringing people together. A real tragedy and a great loss. The water image represents her life on a barge; the image top right represents her travels on behalf of international social justice; the bright flower represents her passionate embrace of life and work on behalf of refugees and other people in need; while the bird represents her flying free, hopefully dropping on people’s shoulders to whisper words of inspiration and encouragement in their ears.

Blessings & Blossoms

Creative Play 11

This is another piece of work I’ve created in the Creative Play workshop I’m doing on-line.

I was really, really drawn to use a piece of digital art I created a while back, photos of three doors in Alsancak, an old village where I live, superimposed over each other (mind, body, spirit). Then I opened a post from a friend, Deborah Weber, Temenos of the Blessing Light, with the words from Rumi and knew I had to use them in the picture.

I was going to just use the pic and words, but then I saw the image of an ancient statue in the National Museum of The Republic of Tuva on the Facebook page of my friend and wonderful artist, Ажыкмаа Ажыкмаа. She has a close connection with the Tuvan culture and was happy for me to use her photo. I felt that this figure stands as a prescient force to advise that new doors are opening, with new challenges and, if you choose to step through those doors, this figure will accompany you as a protective force.

What I’ve found with this course is that it’s opened spiritual doors for me, to re-connect with the Divinity which is my guiding light in creating art. I’ve actually had a bit of a break from creating digital art as I felt it was getting mechanical, but the above image reflects the fact that my connection with the Divine has been recharged.

At the same time, I’ve had the opportunity to pass on a couple of messages from the world of Spirit to a couple of people, as if my mediumship has opened up again too.  I’m not a trained medium but I do occasionally get messages from those in different dimensions: I get a sort of electrical buzzing in my right ear, the world around me fades away and noises recede, and then I get words as I’m clairaudient. Over the years, I’ve learned to use the precise words I hear as they always have a particular meaning for the recipient of these messages.



Mandalas for Orlando

Creative Play 9

I’ve been taking part in an on-line course on Creative Play and one of our projects – turning to serious matters – was to create a mandala to express unity, support and sympathy for victims of the Orlando massacres and their families and friends.

This is my mandala: 49 radiating lines for the victims, hearts to show love for the victims, families, friends and also the LGBT community.  Butterflies represent transition to another dimension, the dolphin represents our emotional pain at this tragedy and support for the path towards healing, while the central heart has the word “Forever”.

If you would like to take part and tweet a photo of your mandala, the hashtag is #mandalasfororlando.


Sanctuary Space

Sanctuary coffee table Sanctuary table - round table

Done some rearranging – the square table in my writing room now sits under my printer, and the round, glass table is now another sanctuary table in my writing room. It now holds all my concretions – for some reason I absolutely love concretions and it’s good to have them all gathered together.

And above it is the sanctuary space I created in my living room, on the coffee table beside my sofa. The roses are from our Apothecary’s Rose bush. Each morning I pick a word from a motivational word set I acquired right at the start of my journey into the metaphysical world, right back in 1993, and a Tarot card from Rachel Pollack’s Shining Tribe Tarot. In this instance it was The Empress.

Baubo the Bawdy & Brazen


BauboThis is a digital version of  an acrylic painting I created back in Australia, before moving to North Cyprus, of Baubo, a lesser known and rather mysterious goddess who appears in the story of Demeter searching for her daughter, Persephone, after Hades – god of the Underworld – had kidnapped the young woman.

According to the myth, after searching the Earth and finding no sign of Persephone, Demeter retreated to a cave to mourn, while the Earth died around her due to her lack of love and care.

Baubo appeared to the grieving Demeter and brought her back to life with laughter – according to legend, Baubo flashed her boobs and vulva at Demeter and caused her to start laughing and return to the world of the living.

So, as with your Inner Queen, let out your Inner Baubo.  Be:













Above all:

ignore the strictures

about what women are supposed to say, be and do.

Don’t conform.

Stay out of that square box and

have enormous fun as the round peg

kicking her heels, turning somersaults and

laughing her head off along the road less travelled!