Treasures Within

I moved my office space around yesterday, shifting everything back into my front room so that I’m only using the one air conditioner in the heatwave affecting Cyprus at present (40C until the weekend). And in the process I managed to drop the Pyrite sphere I bought recently with parts of it broken off. At … More Treasures Within

Blessings & Blossoms

This is another piece of work I’ve created in the Creative Play workshop I’m doing on-line. I was really, really drawn to use a piece of digital art I created a while back, photos of three doors in Alsancak, an old village where I live, superimposed over each other (mind, body, spirit). Then I opened … More Blessings & Blossoms

Mandalas for Orlando

I’ve been taking part in an on-line course on Creative Play and one of our projects – turning to serious matters – was to create a mandala to express unity, support and sympathy for victims of the Orlando massacres and their families and friends. This is my mandala: 49 radiating lines for the victims, hearts … More Mandalas for Orlando

Sanctuary Space

Done some rearranging – the square table in my writing room now sits under my printer, and the round, glass table is now another sanctuary table in my writing room. It now holds all my concretions – for some reason I absolutely love concretions and it’s good to have them all gathered together. And above … More Sanctuary Space