Beltane Sanctuary

Beltane Sanctuary 1I ended up creating a Beltane sanctuary space on my work table today as we went over to the Sah (pron. Shar) supermarket today on the east side of Kyrenia where they had a wonderful display of candles and, as I said in yesterday’s post, I just love candles.

I really couldn’t resist this sparky, large candle with bright orange leaves and birds – the white representing for me the new energies of Beltane, the orange leaves representing creative energy and the orange birds new songs of creativity.

In the black dish are rocks, ochre stones from Coochiemudlo Island, off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland, representing creative energies, and a sea urchin shell representing the sea and emotional flow.

And below is another sanctuary space in our living room – dedicated to earth energies.  The three photos are ones I took here looking towards the Besparmak Mountains as the sun was setting. The large centrepiece is petrified wood from Mt French where we used to live in the hinterland of the Gold Coast in Queensland. The green goddess statue was gifted me by a friend, while the Chinese figure I found on one of my trips to China. The monk standing on the petrified wood was a  Christmas present from my daughter, and one we both treasure as it is very calming and centring.  The bright lizard I bought in Bowraville as a souvenir of our stay in that village.The rose quartz and fluorite candle holders were gifts from a friend when we lived in the UK from 2002-4.

But when I started thinking of the history of the red spoon I laughed my head off, as I suddenly remembered when I received it. I was gifted this in 1973 when I was working for the Australian Union of Students. The AUS hosted a tour by Russian students who were all very hefty lads and one night we (my then partner and I) invited them back to our flat for a party as we had a very large living area. We all proceeded to get very merry indeed as the Russians brought plenty of vodka with them, but towards the end they started Cossack dancing. It was quite an amazing feat as they were well and truly drunk as skunks yet still managed to squat before throwing their legs out, jumping up from the squatting position and, all in all, putting on a brilliant display of Cossack dancing.  Suffice to say that next day we all rested rather than going sight-seeing!

Sanctuary space, front room

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