Sanctuary Space

I’m not a great fan of the term “altar” as it too many religious connotations for me (I had a difficult Roman Catholic upbringing as a child). So I have various what I call “sanctuary spaces” in my work area and on the verandah outside my study, most of them involving crystals. From time to time I shuffle them all around (which keeps my husband happy as I’m not re-arranging our living space!).

So these are my latest sanctuary spaces – two on my verandah, one table of crystals in my work space, and another small arrangement on my  work table.  I also have a sanctuary space in our living room with my medicine shield and various candles.

I love candles and I recently purchased three candle holders from a lady living just around the corner from me who makes them very cheaply.  I’ve got a further two large candle holders ordered for when my next pension payment comes in.

Sanctuary Table, front room

Sanctuary Table, verandah
Sanctuary table on my verandah with clear quartz crystals (they don’t face in the sunshine) and two large sea stones.
Crystals, indoor table
Crystal sanctuary space in my workroom
Sanctuary Table, workspace
Sanctuary space on my work table
Sanctuary Table, verandah, round
Sanctuary table, verandah – complete with three dogs, from L to R: Bonnie, Millie and Zoe. They were sitting there because God (my husband) was out shopping and they keep a vigil until he returns!). Again these are clear quartz crystals which don’t fade in sunlight and rocks from various places, plus the obligatory candle holder.

4 thoughts on “Sanctuary Space

    1. Yes, I had a good feeling when the word “sanctuary” came to mind – a quiet space apart from the hustle and bustle of daily life (not that there’s much hustle and bustle here in North Cyprus, ha-ha!). And hugs to you too.


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