Arty-Farty Stuff

Arty-Farty Stuff 1

I read a short piece about artists’ statements a while back and it left me gobsmacked – an amazing amount of twaddle, corporate speak, weasel words and in the end, I had no idea what any of the artists were talking about.

So here’s my own artist statement without any input from books, websites, or whatever, just from my own heart:
“I create digital and acrylic art which is eccentric, whimsical, off the planet, symbolic, inspirational (I hope!) fed by the song of the stars, nurtured by the unknown spiritual world, inspired by Mother Earth, trees, plants, flowers, rocks, stones, mountains, seas and lakes. I am enthralled by crystals, glitter and bright, shiny bits and pieces, ribbons and other bric-a-brac which bring life to my artwork. I live for colour, love and kindness in my art which I hope sends happiness and joy into the world. I don’t create for galleries, critics, fashions or good reviews. I create what lights my life, inspiration and creativity. I love an arty-farty life which dances with the fae, the spirits of the earth, the warmth of the sun, the cool light of the moon and the bright magic of starstuff which resonates in all of us.”

Creating the above image was interesting as I let go of my usual expectations re colour and just followed my heart – quite hard at times as my head was busy yakking away about sticking within my usual parameters. Fun, though!   And below is the image I created originally – as you can see, it is quite different from the original image!

Arty-Farty Stuff

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