Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness 1

I adapted this piece of digital art from an acrylic painting I created in New South Wales, before I moved to North Cyprus.

I called this art “Loving Kindness” as I have just read a post on Humans of New York regarding the loss of Susie, the senior dog who lit the lives of Brandon Stanton, who runs HONY, and his partner, Erin. Inspired by Susie, Erin founded Susie’s Senior Dogs which finds kind, loving homes for senior dogs so they can live out their lives surrounded by love, care and kindness.

It’s a reminder to me that, despite all the cruelty and appalling actions of so many on this planet, these acts of unkindness are far outweighed by those like Brandon and Erin who create good in the world, often go unmentioned, but nevertheless shine the beacon of loving kindness on those in need, seeking shelter, needing love and empathy, and so on.

May we celebrate loving kindness wherever it shines its light and watch that light extinguish the darkness which fades through the power of love.


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