GratitudeI was looking at a photo of a beautiful range of hills somewhere in the world, it doesn’t matter where, when I felt a surge of gratitude that I live in an age when images from around the world are so easily accessible nowadays.

I’m also grateful for Facebook. I see lots of complaints about it, but it keeps me in contact with family and friends around the world, as well as keeping me up-to-date with events around the world.

I’m grateful to all those wonderful people who create photo editing software which makes it so easy for me to get images in my mind out into digital art.

I’m also grateful for all those unseen people who make computer use so easy, who do all the hard yakka to get e-mail programmes up and running, and to the guy who created the world-wide web then opened it up for free use rather than placing a monopoly on it and making heaps of money.

I’m grateful to all those creative types who make beautiful images and offer them to add life and colour to people’s lives.

I’m grateful for the fact that I live with my wonderful husband who loves and supports me so much (we are coming up for 39th anniversary on 16th April).

I’m grateful for my husband’s family who’ve welcomed me into their warm embrace (I don’t have any family of my own since my parents died as I’m an only child).

And I’m grateful to our menagerie (3 dogs & 2 cats) which provide us with love, slurps, laughs and moments of utter delight at their antics.

There are heaps of other things for which I’m grateful, but I think it’s good from time to time to pause, consider what enriches our lives, and then to honour in print what lights our lives and hearts and spirits.

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