Crystal Dreaming: Luscious Labradorite

Labradorite Sphere 2

I’ve been working with some of my favourite crystals these past few days, and this image is a digital reworking of a photo I took of a Labradorite sphere which I bought nearly twenty-odd years ago when I lived in Queensland.

It was the first time a crystal actually drew me to its existence, and how it happened was that I had a voice tell me that a crystal awaited me in a crystal shop in Ipswich, a town just outside of Brisbane.

So I fronted up the shop and had a look around but nothing drew me. Then the owner asked me what I was looking for and I told her I had received an image of a crystal and it was $20. “Aha” she said. “I have crystals out the back for seekers like yourself.”  So off I mooched into the back room and sure as eggs there was a round lump of dull-looking rock which I knew was mine and, yes, it was $20.

I walked out of the shop wondering why the heck I’d bought sphere and then held it to the light: the chatoyant colours flared and it was like magic at work. Labradorite can look dull but it has beautiful lights within it when you look closely. So I still have this crystal sphere which glows gently at me and I’m finally honouring it in this post! For me, it is represented by The Magician in the Tarot pack – about the magic of communication and bringing our skills to bear in creating magic in the life around us.

Labradorite Sphere

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