Sanctuary Space

I’m not a great fan of the term “altar” as it too many religious connotations for me (I had a difficult Roman Catholic upbringing as a child). So I have various what I call “sanctuary spaces” in my work area and on the verandah outside my study, most of them involving crystals. From time to … More Sanctuary Space

Spring Visitor

My husband just  happened to be out in our garden when a spring visitor arrived on the paddock adjoining our apartment: a heron. It was attracted by the small pools which have formed since trees and bushes were planted next door and watering began.  We didn’t notice the two wading birds until we downloaded the … More Spring Visitor

Arty-Farty Stuff

I read a short piece about artists’ statements a while back and it left me gobsmacked – an amazing amount of twaddle, corporate speak, weasel words and in the end, I had no idea what any of the artists were talking about. So here’s my own artist statement without any input from books, websites, or … More Arty-Farty Stuff


The image above is of waterfalls, relating to emotions, and the galaxy, relating to the galactic web which unites us all in the bright songlines of shared, common humanity. This post arose from seeing a photo of golliwog biscuits claiming it was okay to like this image, and bugger being political correct. But it’s not … More Courtesy

Earth’s Bounty

I came across a piece of digital art I created a while back which I never finished, so decided to fiddle with it today. I was inspired by watching small bees buzzing furiously and feeding in the bottlebrush flowers which are in full bloom on the four bottlebrush bushes we have in our garden in … More Earth’s Bounty

Loving Kindness

I adapted this piece of digital art from an acrylic painting I created in New South Wales, before I moved to North Cyprus. I called this art “Loving Kindness” as I have just read a post on Humans of New York regarding the loss of Susie, the senior dog who lit the lives of Brandon … More Loving Kindness