Crystal Songlines: Kyanite

Fields of Love
This is a digitally re-worked image of the Kyanite fan, which I’ve called “Pallisades of Love”. I have the feeling the Kyanite fan and necklace are opening me up to new visions and fields of love although it’s unclear of what that new direction is.

I’ve been working with Kyanite for the past few days – a Kyanite fan from the Harts Range in the Northern Territory of Australia, and a Kyanite necklace which I re-configured as I wasn’t happy with the focal bead, it was too heavy for the delicate stones on the necklace itself.

So last night I had a weird dream. I was in a Myers Department Store in Australia (which is a large, fairly upmarket nation-wide chain of stores) which was seriously run-down and shabby. I was looking at how to revamp it, mentioned to an older saleslady about my concerns at the state of the shop who said the store wouldn’t fund any upgrades. She said she was going to leave, broke into tears and I gave her a big hug.

Then I had a brainwave – how about starting our own business?  There was another  salesperson there, a younger woman, and the three of us felt amazingly enthused about establishing (of all things, as I’m not into wedding paraphernalia!) a wedding planner business.  We had heaps of wedding dresses and offers of help from all sorts of people, including a cleaning business.

I woke up in the middle of the dream which a big thunderstorm passed over Cyprus, complete with hailstones and heavy rain. I got up to let our dogs out for a run and then, when I returned to bed, promptly ended up in the dream again, at the part where we had the wedding dresses and offers of help.

I worked with The Shining Tribe tarot deck, created by Rachel Pollack, to try to understand this dream. For myself I drew the 8 of Stones card, which represents a new identity, a sense of playfulness and ending something in order to make way for the new.

The idea of the shabby store and new beginnings was represented by the 4 of Rivers, which again is about new beginnings and letting go of old limitations, shedding one’s old skin.

The wedding shop was represented by the Knower of Birds which relates to wisdom, knowledge, ideas, psychic vision and ability to communicate it clear to others, as well as setting up a system of thought.

The outcome was the Spiral of Fortune which offers the breaking out of old patterns, change that liberates, gaining a wider vision, and possible breakthroughs into new ground.

Kyanite necklace
Kyanite necklace: Kyanite blade; strung beads: blue coral; rutilated quartz; rose quartz; clear quartz; blue lace agate; amazonite; fluorite; citrine. There’s also a white feather on the face of the Kyanite blade, for alignment with spiritual direction.

So, yes, the dream is about new beginnings and directions but stuff me if I have any idea, at present, of what those directions are! I did have a dream about playing with crystals last night, crystals of all kinds and big heaps of them, so how that works out we’ll ha ve to see.

If anyone feels drawn to offer their own interpretation, feel free.  I welcome others’ views to help get a deeper perspective of what this dream means!

Kyanite fan - Hartz Ranges
Kyanite Fan – Harts Range, Northern Territory, Australia

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