Crystal Songlines: Clear Quartz Polished Point

Life of Quartz

When I first felt a connection with rocks, stones and crystals, I really thought I’d gone off my rocker as I’d got through to my late ‘forties without showing any serious signs of nuttiness. But it’s one of the mysteries of my life since 1996 when I switched from logic to intuition virtually overnight after moving to a small village called Boonah, in a circle of mountains known as the Scenic Rim inland from the Gold Coast of Queensland.

The daughter of my friend, Yvonne, came to visit and commented to me knowingly that I could attune to crystals, which I thought was seriously whacko but being polite I just nodded and tried to look as if I knew what the hell she was talking about. But then she and Yvonne took me to the wholesale warehouse of the Crystal Castle in Bryon Bay and I was hooked. Yvonne brought some crystals over to show me and I zoomed in on one particular crystal which glowed and sang to me at some unknown level.  I still have that stone – a polished clear quartz point with inclusions and that’s what I’ve worked with today.

So yes, I still feel a bit of a pillock when I talk of communicating with the stone elders (as they’re known in Indonesia) because I really don’t quite know how it works. I hear their voice in an intuitive way, they call to me, I get images in my head, and I know which individual crystal or rock I need to work with. I see faces and spirits in mountains and rock formations. And how this works is a completely  mystery to me, but it works. I still remember being in a crystal warehouse in the UK, felt a sort of nudge, turned around and found myself face to face with the only charoite wand in the whole warehouse (charoite is a rare stone, purple and black, only found in Russia). Of course I picked it up and then saw that my friend looked astonished because she’d looked at that spot just before me and hadn’t even noticed the wand. I can get a crystal out and a few days later someone will call by and hook up to the crystal.

As I’ve perked up intuition-wise this past week or so after working with an earth elder called Pipestone or Catlinite, I’ve felt the urge even more strongly to work with crystals and bring their inner energies into digital art. Today I kept getting an image of the first crystal I glommed onto in Byron Bay and so here is the result.

I found it an interesting experience as firstly I tried working with the image in a logical sort of way which looked pretty damned awful. Then I went back to square one, working with the image in a different, more intuitive way, and I have to say the result really surprised me. I never expected the image above, yet when I was working on Pixlr and the above digital art suddenly appeared, I know that was how the inner energy of my crystal wanted to appear in digital form.

I shall be doing more digital art relating to the inner energies of rocks, crystals and gemstones, and I’m calling this series: Life of Rocks.

For your interest and information, below is also a photo of the original crystal.

Clear quartz point 1 - my first stone spirit

4 thoughts on “Crystal Songlines: Clear Quartz Polished Point

    1. When you drive up the coast from Brisbane and hit the Sunshine Coast, you come to some mountains called the Glass House Mountains. Some are sacred to Aboriginal women and some to men, but as you drive up you can distinctly see the face of an Aboriginal Elder in the mountain closest to the road. As we were driving up, my friend’s daughter said: “I wonder if she’ll see it” and I wondered what she was on about, but the face was clear as day, quite awesome.

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    1. Too right, David. And friends bring me rocks too, got a great one from a national park in Queensland. Normally I wouldn’t remove rocks from parks, but I was grateful a friend thought of me during his walk.


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