Singing the Stars to Earth

Singing the Stars to Earth

When I lived in Woodenbong in far northern New South Wales, Australia, on the caldera of an ancient volcano, I’d go out at night and look at the stars. There was no street lighting in the small village so no light pollution obscuring the stars, and it was like looking up at a deep cloth of black rich with lights glowing brightly above our planet.

I also remember watching Hettie Perkins, a well-known art curator in Australia, interviewing an Aboriginal artist in the ABC TV series “Art + Soul”. She described how her father would sing the stars to sleep in the early morning light as the rising sun gradually obscured the tapestry of stars above the Earth. And now that artist paints stars on all her creations, bringing them down to earth.

So the above represents birds, the element of air, all flying gracefully as they accompany the light from billions of years ago, from stars in the far distant reaches of earth, reaching down to earth to light up the creativity in our soul and spirit.

Each of us is creative in our own way and we can reach out to the stars to illuminate our starstuff within to bring beauty to our lives, to the lives of others and to all beings on Planet Earth.

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