Spring is Sprung – our 2016 garden

In North Cyprus we have had a very mild, dry winter and now spring is definitely springing in our neck of the woods – the fruit trees have been in blossom for some time now and leaves are replacing flowers. The mimosa/wattle is out in bloom and the hawthorn now has leaves again.  Out on the fields the wild fennel flowers are starting to appear. And our garden is becoming a riot of colour again.

So here are some pics of our flowers, although I must be honest and say that it’s my husband who has the green fingers.  I did startle him the other day by commenting that I thought I’d seen some leptospermum (tea-tree) which, I might add, startled myself. When I first met my husband I had no interest in gardening whatsoever, but I’ve gradually picked up bits and pieces of knowledge over our nearly 39 years together. I do know, for example, that if a lawn looks as if it has weeds, check with the head gardener (hubby) before you pull out the weeds, as when he finds you’re ripped up the freesia plants just coming into leaf, he promptly has a hissy fit!

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I present our 2016 spring garden – the grevillea and bottlebrush are our nostalgic reminders of life in Australia!

2016 Spring  - orange freesias
Orange freesias
2016 Spring - pink veldt daisies
Pink veldt daisies
2016 Spring - Yellow flowering winter jasmine
Yellow flowering winter jasmine
Spring 2016 - Arum lily
Arum lily
Spring 2016 - Bottlebrush coming into flower
Bottlebrush coming into flower
Spring 2016 - Bougainvillea new leaves
New leaves on bougainvilleas
Spring 2016 - deep pink veldt daisies
Mauve-pink veldt daisies
Spring 2016 - Felicia
Spring 2016 - Grevillia
Spring 2016 - Lavender
Spring 2016 - Orange freesias
Orange freesias
Spring 2016 - Orange gazania
Orange gazania
Spring 2016 - pink cyclamen
Pink cyclamen
Spring 2016 - Purple centred veldt daisies outside
Purple-centred veldt daisies
Spring 2016 - Purple iris
Purple iris
Spring 2016 - Red geranium
Red geranium and white veldt daisies
Spring 2016 - Solanum
Spring 2016 - White veldt daisies
White veldt daisies
Spring 2016 - Yellow flowering winter jasmine
Yellow flowering winter jasmine
Spring 2016 - Yellow veldt daisies
Yellow veldt daisies



8 thoughts on “Spring is Sprung – our 2016 garden

    1. Yes, we live on the island of Cyprus, in the north which is Turkish and Islamic (shock, horror!) while the south is Greek and Greek Orthodox Church. Our part in the north is brilliant – the people are tolerant, kind and have a truly wonderful sense of humour. Little crime, we can park and leave our car open without worrying about theft, pretty good climate but stinking hot in July and August, so it’s air-conditioning a lot of the time. Cheap, local food, pretty undeveloped, no major chains like KFC, etc. mainly small shops with great service. A little oasis in the world.

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      1. It sounds wonderful. How might the locals feel about amerikans moving in the neighborhood? When you do the kind of work that I do, well, it’s good to have an escape plan…


    2. There are Americans here, British, Ukrainians, Russians, Scandinavians – nobody really gives a toss where you come from, in fact they’d probably be most sympathetic to someone fleeing the dysfunctional US!!!!!

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