As Above, So Below

As above, so below

I was sitting in my front room when a mandala hanging on our wall caught my attention.  It’s the first one I ever created on a commercial basis and it was on the front cover of a New Age magazine in Brisbane (albeit a small photo, but on the cover, nonetheless).

Anyway, this mandala positively glowed at me so I went to work on a photo of it with the new gizmo on PicMonkey, Mirror Effect. Something I hadn’t realised before is that you can fiddle with the mirror image to produce different effects, and the image above reflects that. The turquoise frame is found on Pixlr.

I called it “As Above, So Below” because it is, of course, an image of a butterfly heralding change and transformation. The double image reflects the way inner change comes to the surface from within, then transforms what we do in our daily, outside lives.

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