This is another digital art interpretation of a photo I found on the internet of Glen Coe, Scotland. The lights represent the magic and power of Scotland, while the faint brickwork behind in the sky reflects the hard times of the past and present. The whole image is a tribute to the people of Scotland, … More Caledonia

The Power of Hope

I created this image from a photo I came across on the internet of Glen Coe in Scotland. The mountains in the back represents the fears which seem to affect so many these days; the rays represent the energies of hope and optimism; the two frost images (top left and right) represent the fear which … More The Power of Hope

As Above, So Below

I was sitting in my front room when a mandala hanging on our wall caught my attention.  It’s the first one I ever created on a commercial basis and it was on the front cover of a New Age magazine in Brisbane (albeit a small photo, but on the cover, nonetheless). Anyway, this mandala positively … More As Above, So Below