I’ve been having great fun playing with a new gizmo on PicMonkey – the Mirror tool under the “Effects” section.  I worked with a photo I took of Turkey on the horizon from where we live in north Cyprus. Then I worked with the “Frost” section  in the “Themes” section. The Infinity sign came from Pixlr bag of tricks and goodies.

And the above is the result. I’ve called it “Hallelujah” because it reminds me of the majesty of spiritual experience, however we each view spirituality.

7 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. I love it. Absolutely beautiful, as always. I’ve been M.I.A. for awhile and I came back and everything has changed, again. I cannot even go into my reader, type in a “tag” and only blogs with those tags come up, like it used to…………Grrrrr……………..so aggravating……and then when I click on some of my blogger friends that I follow, it brings me to their avatar page with no link to WordPress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going crazy trying to figure out how to find my friends and new friends, too, with things I’m interested in………………..I’m so lost. Anyway, sorry. Didn’t mean to get on here and leave a reply of complaining………..just came out because I’ve missed you, so. I always loved seeing all of your artwork. It’s very inspiring to me. It’s uplifting………………Hope you’ve been doing well. I’ll take a look around your blog, while I’m here, to see what you’ve been up to. God only knows, if I’ll find you, again. Have a great day. Take care. XX 🙂


    1. Glad to see you back, Tammy, but take heart – WordPress seems to make quite arbitrary changes just when you think you’ve got the programme nailed. I’ve often had to stuff around like you to sort stuff out and I tear my hair out. I’ve seen similar comments by other bloggers so you’re not alone in your frustration!


      1. Lately, I think a lot of it has just been WP. I get on here and it’s slow. I can’t even scroll down. Things vanish, as I’m typing………..but, it’s not happening anywhere else I go on the web, so that indicates to me that the main problem lies with WP. I finally figured out how to type in a tag and find blogs pertaining to my interests. I had clicked on that before and it wasn’t working for 2 days, so I just assumed that wasn’t how to do it. I’m relieved to have, at least, figured that out. I don’t have much hair to start with, so I can’t go around pulling out too much of my hair. LOL 🙂

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