Art for Sale: Love Actually


Love Actually

Original artwork printed on lightweight photoblock board, with individual decoration by Yours Truly.  Just added bits and pieces as I felt inspired.

The centre rose is from a photo I took of the Apothecary’s Rose in my garden – it’s an ancient rose native to the Turkish region. The rose is a reminder of the power of love, its longevity and its inspiration in our world today.

The hearts represent the love that resides in our hearts and which we can access with goodwill and intention, while the butterflies represent the transformative power of love

The three-pointed leaves on the right-hand side remind us of the fusion of body, mind and spirit and subsequent optimism, self-expression and connection to the divine flow. There are also three beads radiating out, including the centre bead, which again remind us of the cosmic power of love; between each radial spoke are four beads  which represents the courage to embrace love and all its splendour in our everyday life.

In total there are twenty-two beads, a master number, which invokes spiritual, physical, emotional and mental mastery in one’s life.

The artwork is 16.5″ x 13.25″ (41.75 cms x 33cms).

Price: US$55

Postage & packaging: US$15

Registered post: US22.

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