Art for Sale: Creative Capers

Freesia FrolicsCreative Capers is based on original artwork by myself, of orange freesias in our garden in North Curpus.

It is printed on light Photoblock board, and then embellished with various decorations – stickers, beads, glitter and a graphic.

This artwork encourages fun in creation, reminding one of the joy when in the creative flow, plus a reminder to let go of self-criticism and dance in your creative juices.

The centre of leaves and heart is a reminder of surrendering to inspiration which is heartfelt; the hearts and teddy bear in the bottom left-hand corner relate to the nurture of our inner child in creative pursuits; the dancing cat on the bottom right-hand corner is another reminder to have fun when creating and not take ourselves too seriously; the butterfly represents the transformation of ideas into concrete form while the black beads are also a reminder that we need to dip into the depths of our being to bring forth creative ideas; the gold shape with citrine chips represents abundance.

Around the painting are red beads – red for passion but also relating to numerology: each side has seven beads for inner life, spiritual inspiration and contemplation; top and bottom are eight beads for material prosperity, abundance and authority. In total the beads come to: 26 = 8 (2 + 6), again for the properties already described.

Size: 11.5″ x 9.5″ (29.5 cms x 23.5cms)

Price: US$45

Post & packaging: US$5.50

Registered post: US$8.00

Payment by PayPal.

If you wish to purchase this artwork, please let me know via WordPress blog.

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