Crazy Diamonds

Crazy Diamonds

Once again I got hijacked in creating this image – I was intent on working with a photo of woodland and was scrolling along to find it when a photo of rocks jumped out, mugged me and demanded to be centre star today.

I’ve called this “Crazy Diamonds” from Pink Floyd’s recording: “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”, because it reminds me of all the crazy diamonds in the world: the square pegs who refuse to slot into round holes, who dance to different drummers, who shine in ways which are different, scintillating, challenging, exciting, subversive, revolutionary – whatever floats your boat on different seas to mediocrity and sheepledom.

The song was dedicated to Syd Barrett, a founding member of Pink Floyd, a true genius who flew high in the musical world for seven years but, sadly, became mentally ill, alienated from society and died at 60.  So the crazy diamonds are not ones who self-destruct – they’re the ones who give voice, shape and form to concepts which raise up society, give hope and offer inspiration to love, to laugh, to live life to the full.

On the subject of creativity and self-destruction, I’d recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s (Eat, Prayl Love) new book: Big Magic, which deconstructs the allure of creative people flaming out early in their lives and talks inspirationally of living life creatively without popping your clogs through an abusive life-style.

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