Healing, Caring, Loving Support for Syria’s Peoples


There are two images below, taken from a photo of a pool in the Karijini National Park in north-west Western Australia. The pool is surrounded by rocks with a shaft of light pouring down into the central pool.

It seemed to me that this was an image of light and spiritual energies pouring into healing waters, cocooned within the cradle of earth’s rock energy.

So I set to work with Pixlr and created two images – one which represents the chaos, fear and carnage which is Syria today. The moon represents the emotional agony which Syrian people are enduring, while the clouds represent the confusion, upheaval and widespread destruction.

The other image represents the rising of the world’s people to help those fleeing the tragic, horrible situation in Syria and to offer love, healing, nurturing, assistance and support to those who, through no fault of their own, find themselves forced from their homes and country to try to survive and create a future for themselves and their loved ones.

You may be interested to know that Russia presented a compromise peace proposal three or so  years ago which the Western powers turned down in the mistaken belief that Assad would shortly be deposed as President. Had compromise been on the cards, today’s tragic situation of millions fleeing for their lives, and often dying en route, could well have been averted.

So when you see Western leaders wringing their hands over the refugee situation and trying to close borders, just be aware that they have the blood and suffering of millions of displaced Syrians on their hands.

Healing, Caring, Loving Support for Syria’s Peoples


Syria's Tragedy, Syria's Past
Syria’s Tragedy, Syria’s Past


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