I’ve been having great fun playing with a new gizmo on PicMonkey – the Mirror tool under the “Effects” section.  I worked with a photo I took of Turkey on the horizon from where we live in north Cyprus. Then I worked with the “Frost” section  in the “Themes” section. The Infinity sign came from … More Hallelujah

Homage to Courage

With this post I want to honour Sophie and Hans Scholl and other members of die Weisse Rose (the White Rose) student movement in Munich, Germany in World War 2. I first came across the story of Hans and Sophie Scholl when I was working in Stuttgart as part of my university year abroad.  I … More Homage to Courage

Musical Memories

I knocked this up for a bit of fun because, when I was looking on YouTube for a link to Moonlight Sonata, I came across another composition by Beethoven: Fuer Elise. This music brought back some good memories of 1972 when I, aged 25, travelled to Australia with my then boyfriend for a holiday (which … More Musical Memories

In Praise of Trees

The base image for this piece of digital art is a photo of rainforest. Superimposed are images of what is called The Methuselah Tree, the bark of an olive tree, a ficus tree and the bark of a rainbow eucalyptus tree. This is simply to honour trees, the role they play in regenerating the earth, … More In Praise of Trees

Moonlight Sonata

I created this from a blank canvas copied from PicMonkey into Pixlr, then fiddled with various Pixlr gizmos to get the background canvas and then, finally, superimposed a photo of grasses I took by the sea at Lambousa, an ancient port close to where we live in North Cyprus. It’s a tribute to the beauty … More Moonlight Sonata