Art for Sale

I’ve been having great fun fiddling with original prints and adding my own decorations to make each one unique. I’ve decided that, yes, my art is whacko, eccentric and quirky so I might as well dance with my visions and enjoy myself.


This is original artwork I’ve created, printed on lightweight photoblock, using a photo I took of yellow and orange freesias in our garden. I’ve added red ribbon, obsidian cabochons, metal ornaments, glitter (of course!), a focal Tiger’s Eye cabochon, some jasper chips, roses, a butterfly for the transforming power of love,  and a hanger with orange and yellow beads. If you enjoy gifts for Valentine’s Day, this might be up your alley or just for your own enjoyment, Price: US$65.00, postage to be advised as they’re just upped postal rates in North Cyprus.  Size: 42 x 34cm (16.5″ x 13″).

Freesia Frolics


Hope is digital art created by myself, printed on quality art paper, with a light cream, board frame. It’s a bit hard to see the frame on the post, but the board is 4.5cm (1.75″) wide all round. I’ve decorated the frame with foil ornaments, rainbow flat back Swarovski crystals, yellow glass, and a green outline. Price is US$45, postage to be advised because, as above, postal prices have just increased in North Cyprus.  Size: Frame 28.5cm x 34cm (11.5″ x 13.5″). Print size: 20cm x (11.5″ x 10″).


If you’re interested in purchasing either of these prints or want to know postage, please e-mail me at:  I’ll send a PayPal invoice to purchasers to finalise payment.



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