Portals of Mt Shasta

Portals of Mt Shasta

Believe it or not, a photo of Mt Shasta provided the basis for this photo.  Sometimes I look at a photo, it draws me in and then it’s as if the energies or spirits of that place guide me into a final image. In this, Mt Shasta, a sacred mountain in the United States, seemed to me to be offering images of the nature and stone spirits in this mountain with a view of different dimensions offering hope and vision, that we are not bound in this dimension but have threads of light spiralling out through the universe.

I’d also like to thank David, of  SmileCalm for allowing me to use photos he’s taken  in nature.  I am now facing mobility challenges as walking any distance has become quite difficult for me, and I do so appreciate those who can get out into nature allowing me to work with their images in my digital art.

6 thoughts on “Portals of Mt Shasta

  1. The funny thing about this, David, is that I actually didn’t intend to do any art last night, but it was as if I got tapped on the shoulder. I actually wanted to include more of Mt Shasta but once I’d got the image I published, it was like a no-no to do any further changes. Interesting process – it seems to have intensified after my 3-week hiatus with the lousy bug doing the rounds in Cyprus. Maybe a bit of clearing out (although I’d appreciate easier ways to clear out, I must be honest!).


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