Spirit of Uluru

Spirit of Uluru

I remember when Ayers Rock – the huge monolith in the centre of Australia, was re-named with its Aboriginal name, Uluru, and all hell broke loose among conservative and reactionary commentators.  It was an affront to Western heritage, the sky would fall, the earth would stop rotating, and so on and so on.

Many years later, the recognition of Uluru as a site sacred to Aboriginal people is a matter of fact, and probably young people today have no recollection of the Western name which usurped Aboriginal heritage for far too many years.

Yesterday I came across some lovely photos of Uluru (Ayers Rock), with rare rainfall pouring down its rock faces. It looks incredible: the red rock turns to blues and purples when it rains and waterfalls pour down its crevices and cracks.

So I saved some of the photos and decided to work on one today.

This is the result – quite different to the original photo, but I follow my intuition and stopped quite soon into the digital art creation process as the spirit face above emerged. It’s a strong image which is why I didn’t feel the need to do any more work, except call this piece “Spirit of Uluru”.

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