Beauty over Cruelty


I’ve been absent from the internet since New Year as I copped a really ratty virus doing the rounds in North Cyprus. I’ve had severe bronchitis, muscle pains, lousy cough and killer headache which have knocked me for six and left me resting or sleeping for most of the time since January 1st. Great start to the New Year!

However, when you get dealt lemons, you make lemonade: as part of the rest and recovery I’ve been watching both series 1 and 2 of “Art + Soul” with Hetti Perkins, a prominent art curator in Australia. The series covers  Aboriginal art in all its complexity, range and depth from rock art through to modern art forms. It’s brilliant and one phrase struck me: “Beauty Prevails Over Cruelty”.

In these present times where there is so much cruelty, anger and violence, this phrase confirms for me my perspective that the focus of the art I create is to uplift people and offer a perspective of beauty and brightness to counter the negative energies swirling around us.

So I hope your lives are enriched with beauty,  love, joy and kindness in 2016 and beyond.

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