Besparmak Beauty

It snowed here in North Cyprus early in the New Year, much to people’s surprise and delight as it was very early and doesn’t last long when it does snow.  I took some photos of the snow on the Besparmak Mountains which run along the Mediterranean on the north coast. The snow never reached us … More Besparmak Beauty

Heart of Love

This is another image from the photo I mentioned in my previous post, of red cannas in our garden in North Cyprus.  Again, I got this quite by accident but liked the contrast of the black and red.

Happy Days

I created this quite by accident from a photo I took of the red cannas in our garden. I was fiddling with Pixlr when I got this image, and it’s so bright and happy I decided to leave it as is.

Beauty over Cruelty

I’ve been absent from the internet since New Year as I copped a really ratty virus doing the rounds in North Cyprus. I’ve had severe bronchitis, muscle pains, lousy cough and killer headache which have knocked me for six and left me resting or sleeping for most of the time since January 1st. Great start … More Beauty over Cruelty