Full Moon Christmas Greetings

Christmas New Moon Angel]

I got up this morning at 6am to get a glass of water and let our three dogs out for a run (plus add some food to their bowls for the two cats), and just happened to catch the Full Moon resplendent in the sky as light clouds were moving in from the west.  Grabbed my camera and got this rather nifty image.

It reminds me of an angel with wings outspread or, if you prefer, a bird in flight.

So for this Christmas I’ll leave you with an invocation which I came across when I was living in Boonah, Queensland, from 1994-2002, one which seems to have stayed with me in my memory over the years:

 I am a child of the Light

I live in the Light

I love the Light

I serve the Light.

I am protected, supported, sustained  and illumined by the Light

and I bless the Light.

2 thoughts on “Full Moon Christmas Greetings

  1. Hope you’re both having a day filled with joy and blessings……the Moon was just about as beautiful on this side of the world this morning and we are now having an awesome sunset…..the day has been gloriousand beautiful – filled with sunshine, warmth and light today…and it’s mid winter for us….about 18C I think – a huge gift for sure……I am giving thanks tonight for you Mo and so many other friends around the world and in my neighborhood and my country…..I know I don’t keep in touch often lately but I think of you and send light to you
    thank you for the wonder filled art, the blogs and all that you share with us.
    with love, light and hugs


    1. Really lovely to hear from you, Harolyn, I think of you often and wonder how you’re getting on. I hope all is well with you, glad to get such comments about my art and blog. Take care and stay in touch, it’s always good to know you’re puddling along in your part of the world. The internet’s magic, isn’t it, for connecting good folk we might otherwise never have had in our lives, bringing so much richness to us. Much love to you, Mo xxxx


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