I’m always rather intrigued by the road which opens up for me when I’m working on photos to create digital art.

On this occasion I felt inspired by another photograph taken by David of SmileCalm. As soon as I saw the photo I could see the smiling energy of the water sprite living in the waterfall but I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did.

I had an idea of water energy so started off with images of bubbles, but when I added an overlay of the North Californian Falls No. 2, suddenly it took off into multi-coloured images which inspired so much joy.

So I added the feather with birds flying out of the top to aid the flight of joy, the flower in the bottom left-hand corner for the blossoming of joy, and the butterfly in the top left-hand corner for the transformation and lightness of spirit which joy brings.

And so I wish you all a joyous season, much happiness and many, many blessings – however and wherever they eventuate – for your lives in 2016.

Take care, my friends, and remember that good people, sparkles, glitter and faeries are everywhere!

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