Faith, Hope, Love (AEDM#29)

Faith, Hope, Trust

One more day to go in Art Every Day Month November, run by the amazing Leah Piken Kolidas, and then I’m over the finishing line, thank goodness.  It’s a good exercise and great discipline but I’ll be glad to get a bit laid-back again!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have found this past week hard and depressing, so many sad stories – whether the suffering of refugees and their children; the killings and woundings in the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colarado; the casual hatefulness  and misogyny churned out by Donald Trump and other Republican presidential wannabes; stories of animal cruelty, and now the drive to a war in Syria which will prove as disastrous as the 1993 illegal war in Iraq. Thank god for people like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders who offer thoughtful, insightful alternatives to the drive to bomb, splat and shatter the lives of those unfortunate enough not to live in the UK, US, Europe or Australia.

So I created the above today to try to rise above the negative and strive for the positive.  Believe it or not, the original image was a close-up of rocks but I’m happy with the way this has turned out. Hope it brings a bit of light and love into your lives too.

14 thoughts on “Faith, Hope, Love (AEDM#29)

  1. I especially like the light in it, Mo. The last two weeks came crashing down on me finally in church last Sunday. Not having found words until then, I found tears…lots of them. I am so ashamed of my country and so afraid of what is coming. Thank you for this.


    1. So many people seem to feel this way, Rita, perhaps it’s a cumulative effect. And if you feel ashamed of your country, I feel ashamed of mine, Australia, where asylum seekers and refugees are locked away in concentration camps on Manus Island and Nauru, and where hard-fought Aboriginal rights are being eroded day by day by the mining magnates.

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  2. can I copy the picture to my computer to share on fb? it doesn’t come up when I post the article. I want the picture. It’s awesome.

    Tammy Vitale

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  3. The darkness has been suffocating, my friend. I found myself in my shower this past week, shaking with sobs, hanging on to the shower wall, with such despondency crashing over me. I’ve been deeply shaken in my faith. I’ve also had incidences in my personal Life where I have been on the receiving end of hate and judgment. Bless you for this post. Just bless you! And yes your image did lighten my spirit immediately when I saw it. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. Love, Amy ❤


    1. I am so glad the art helped ease your heavy heart, Amy, just know you’re not on your own. I think so many of us are struggling to keep our heads above water in a sea of negativity. We need to remember our heart-connected friends and be there for those embracing the light rather than the dark. You take care. Big hugs. xxx

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      1. Mo, that is my intention every single day … to focus on the Light and Love. Being the sensitive I am, I do “feel” the energies so it has been SO important for me to be immersed in Mother Nature away from civilization. Yes we stick together … we CAN make it!!! ❤


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