Pinnacle Revisited (AEDMN#27)

Pinnacle Revisited

I’m a day late posting this is I was really under the weather yesterday.  I did a gentle revisit of a photo I took from The Pinnacle in the Border Ranges National Park of far north New South Wales, Australia. We were mooching around in the national park when a ranger told us to visit the Pinnacle which was sign-posted nearby. We climbed up through the bush and then walked out onto the Pinnacle – an outcrop of rock and we were suspended high up over the caldera of an ancient, extinct (thankfully) volcano. We would literally see for miles and miles, high up in the air, with not a single sound to be heard. You can see how high we were by the miniature size of the houses down on the plains. It was awe-inspiring, one of the best experiences of my life. The odd-looking mountain is Wollumbin (Mt Warning) on the northern coast. I added in images of birds to give an idea of flying as we stood on The Pinnacle. I’ve added in another photo to give some idea of how high we were and the views. The absolute silence was, literally, out of this world.

Below is another photo to show you the awesome view from this outcrop. The shadows are clouds overhead.IMG_0513

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