Paradise Parks (AEDN20)

Paradise Parks

This digital art is composed of layers of photographs I took of two parks. The base layer is the entrance to the Nature Park at Bowraville where I used to live on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Over that is another photograph further into the park. It was established by an Aboriginal elder and when you walked in, it felt like entering paradise – a quiet, peaceful piece of nature where the outside world was cut off. Over those two I added another photograph of a more open park where I took the picture then found a spirit nature image hovering in front of a palm tree. Plain as a pikestaff – well, almost since it was a misty circle, certainly not from any of the sun’s rays. I felt the two went together.

I wondered about the spirit energy as this little town was where three Aboriginal children were murdered 20 years ago, no-one did anything as they were black, the town was very racist and the perpetrator, who is known, is still at large. I have mentioned previously that the three children came to me in a very clear dream, along with Aboriginal elders in spirit, to ask for my continuing help, so I always mention Bowraville and its events from time to time, to keep the memory and knowledge of these murders alive. Looking back, I wonder whether this mist was connected to the three children too, as they are not at rest.

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