I Choose Joy, Passion & Courage

I choose joy

Many forces in the world want us to live in fear, on our knees, curtailed in our splendour by  false walls of littledom.

Stuff ’em. Tell ’em to go take a running jump at themselves because we can do a damned sight better when the fearmongers are ignored!

Open hearts defeat closed, fearful minds any day.

Look around when you wake up: at your loved one’s dear face if you’re in a relationship, at the bright eyes of the young, at the love of your dog if you have one, when you go out onto the streets, when you’re at work or study or creative endeavour of any kind. If you choose to see the good, the glory of autumn colours, the radiance of butterflies, hear the golden music of birds, the purr of a cat, open your hearts to those you encounter in your life, feel the aliveness of the world around us, then we are learning to live in joy, passion and courage.

Because when you live in the light of gladness and gratitude, even when difficulties and challenges turn up, as they will, you can still embrace a brave life of passion and love because you’re on your feet, not whining away on your knees.

Remember: always radiate the brightness of your open, loving, kind heart and drown out the fear, hate and playing little.

Courage, mes enfants, courage!

6 thoughts on “I Choose Joy, Passion & Courage

  1. I needed to hear those words today because the world humans have created is in such a very sorry state and those in power are so very corrupt and it makes me feel very sad 😦 but I have very wonderful things in my life that I am very grateful for 🙂


    1. Glad my post helped, Jacqui, these are difficult times and we need to stand together to support each other. So take care of yourself and stay positive, there are more good people out there than lousy folk.


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